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Assess your security risk and potential exposure to cyber threats.  We’ll help you figure out what to protect and how to protect it based on the criticality of key assets to your operations. 


Implement the appropriate layered security protection that keeps your network, computers, and data from being hacked while ensuring it doesn’t break the bank. 


Proactively monitor threats through routine security assessments that identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they turn into newsworthy events.


Time is of the essence when a data breach occurs.  Create an incident response plan that defines a cyber event and outlines the actions required, and by whom, to manage the situation before it becomes substantial. 


Ensure you have successful data protection with an adequate backup strategy to minimize the damages you could incur as a result of a data breach.

Vulnerability Management

We have access to the world’s largest vulnerability intelligence feed with 160,000+ checks.  Our Vulnerability Management (VM) service provides a
comprehensive view of all devices and their respective vulnerabilities.  
We perform a prioritization of vulnerabilities based on severity
and exploitability which is also integrated with patch management
for rapid remediation. Features and benefits of this service are as follows:

• Smart and lightweight multi-functional agent that performs all
tasks offering the granularity needed to mitigate host specific risk quickly.

• We help you prioritize vulnerabilities by considering various
factors like risk potential and/or high-fidelity attacks so you know which vulnerabilities to address first.

• Integrated software patching allows for ease of vulnerability
remediation of your IT assets. We can fix them instantly!

• Online client dashboard access provides real-time visibility into
your vulnerability management process allowing for
customizable client views by hosts, vulnerability, impact rating and more.

Patch Management

Patch management (PM) is used to deploy patches for the remediation of vulnerabilities. This service allows us to deploy missing security and non-security patches for the most commonly used operating systems and over
350+ third party applications. We can also perform the patch deployment of firmware and system drivers as well. Features and benefits of

this service are as follows:

• We can automatically patch the detected vulnerabilities for integrated remediation in real time.

• We provide continuous and customizable patch scans to identify missing patches on each of your network hosts.

• In the event of an error, or an unexpected incident as a result of a particular patch installation, we can easily rollback the
change to the previous state.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management is utilized to enforce compliance policies, standard regulations, as well as customizable company policies. Many of the most prevalent compliance frameworks can be enforced such as HIPAA, PCI, NIST, SOC-2 and CIS. We can harden your systems and reduce your attack surface, locking down your computers with over 300+ system hardening controls. Features and benefits are as follows:

• We can run compliance scans on demand per host, detecting non-compliant devices while ensuring continuous compliance of your desired

• We perform compliance risk assessments to remediate risks while meeting compliance requirements.

• Our CM service is completely customizable to your compliance policy.

• Audit-ready reports are easily generated to satisfy routine compliance updates, giving you confidence and peach of mind that you are
meeting, and even exceeding, expectations.

Asset Management

Understanding your assets, knowing what you have and what is running on them is perhaps the best first step towards good cyber hygiene one can take. We track, monitor, and manage assets and licenses in real time. We do this while applying blacklisting and/or whitelisting rules, checking each routinely for rogue applications or those that may be high risk for your environment. This service option provides the following features and benefits:

• Real-time, on-demand, and continuous scanning of IT assets inclusive of hardware and software.

• Get complete visibility and awareness of your IT and network assets.

• You will understand which applications are used most often as well as those that are least utilized or outdated. These metrics enable you to make
better decisions on usage, cost, and license optimization.

• We will discover any unauthorized, and/or malicious applications and blacklist them.

• Creation of automated and customizable audit-ready reports.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management (EM) is a highly advanced service utilized for a wide variety of use cases like system monitoring, management, and additional control.

The EM services allows us to control specific functionality of an endpoint. This service feature allows for greater visibility on a host level allowing ease of troubleshooting for device, application, and network related issues.
It also provides additional security controls that go beyond what our Patch Management service provides allowing us to remediate vulnerabilities that may not otherwise be mitigated with a patch alone.

Endpoint Query & Response

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allows us to build query and response
checks to identify and fix security anomalies in your network. Through the EQR service we keep an eye on potentially malicious activities that could be occurring on any one of your endpoints in real time. We close the gap between detection and response through advanced threat prevention while containing the spread of attacks to other hosts within your environment.


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